Welcome to the official website of the musical worldwide producer Starboy of Domes. Domes was born on February 24, 1993. He has many years of experience in making music. He has been a musical producer since 2015. At that time he had an artistic name like the Domes Project. From 2015 to 2018 he composed over 300 songs. In 2019 he has the musical artistic name Starboy of Domes. Domes is a worldwide music producer who composes and publishes music at Spinnup (Universal Music Group). Starboy of Domes has worked with singers such as Nathan Brumley, Devonte, Flower Rising, Lily Williams, Sashii, Antonia Marquee, Zonenaxis vs. Drvven and now works with singers Weathered Hearts, Sydney-7 and Chris Madin, also but collaborate with music producer such as DJ Yunis, Lex Boy and Chris Odd. Starboy Of Domes's first song is Something About You with singer Lily Williams. This track is promoted by House Bootlegs, USTop20, Artistrack, The Tunes Club, Airplaybuzz, WARM and OUT NOW Magazine. Soon, Domes will interview the OUT NOW Magazine and be on the front page of the magazine. Soon the debut album "Dominique" will be released. It will include the following genres: EDM, Future Bass, Dance, R'n'b, Drum & Bass, Pop and Eurodance. The debut is full of surprises. There is power in music. Music is a cure. Regards, Starboy Of Domes

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