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Hello everyone, my name is Dominik Tušinovský and I am 26 years old. I am a very ambitious producer, I am also very nice and friendly. I like meeting new people.

Where are you from? I come from the Czech Republic from the small village of Velký Karlov.

When did you start making music?  I first started listening to music at the age of 6. This was the first time I listened to the Smurfs audio cassette.  It was such dance music. She had a rhythm. Then my parents advised me to listen to radio stations and buy my own new audio cassette so I could record the music I liked. At that time, I knew I wanted to make music too. For the first time, I started to music at the age of 13. I edited the music in Virtual DJ. When I was 14, a friend introduced me to Dance Ejay. That's when I composed my first album.   My first song was called Take Me Heart. I have been making music in this program for about a year. I've done 3 albums since then. But unfortunately, all songs have been deleted from me. I took a break.  I returned to music in 2015. I found a suitable program to continue my experience. I'm making music till now.

How do you describe your music? I pride myself on melody and rhythm. I like dance music but also slow music. It depends on the genre.

Favorite moment from your career? My favorite moment was when I composed my first song. I was very happy and I believed that someday I would be famous (haha). But as I know now, it's not easy.

What other things do you do besides making music? I like fresh air. That means going for a walk, but I also like to sit with my family and friends. I used to ride a bike before.

What is your favorite track of all time? I don't have a favorite song. I listen to what I like. But I listen to my music the most. It's a masterpiece for me (haha).

What are your goals for the future?

I would like to achieve success. I am currently preparing a debut album called Dominique. So hopefully it will be successful.

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Who is your biggest musical inspiration? My biggest inspiration is David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Marshmello.

What is your producing software? I am currently using FL Studio 20.

What is your best-producing tip?

So far my first song Something About You. It's the genre of EDM, Dance, Pop and R'n'b with a bit of Urban. I think this song will be very popular.

Why did you start making music? As I wrote, I started listening to music at the age of 6 and since then I want to make music.

What are your upcoming gigs? I haven't had a concert yet. But one day, perhaps I will arrange something. 

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  There is nowhere to hurry. I've been devoted to music for a long time, I know what I'm saying. But it depends on your creativity. Listen to famous producers and DJs. And get inspired by them.  The most important thing is to promote music. Use programs that suit you. 

Please write a message to your fans: Dear fans and listeners, I am very excited that you like my music. I am currently preparing a debut album Dominique for you. I hope my music will not disappoint you and you will still be my loyal fans.

The Prince of EDM Starboy of Domes Has Charged Up the Ambiance with His Latest Electrifying Tracks

Starboy Of Domes has taken some large steps in the music industry with his latest releases. The EDM superstar will storm your brain down with his electrifying music.

Central Bohemian, Sep 24, 2019 (  - When it comes to the musical genre of Electronic dance music, energetic and powerful production is required to cast an engaging effect on the listeners’ minds. And, that’s why the genre of EDM is blessed to have an artist like Starboy Of Domes. 

There has always been a refreshing effect to his songs but with these releases, the awesomeness has gone to a different level altogether. ‘Show Me Love’ is on a whole, a piece of art on the musical canvas. Each & every layer of the track builds on the previous elements, turning it into pleasure to enjoy from the heart. The artist has successfully fused the best of the genre in this track along with the performances of Nathan Brumley and DJ Yunis, who has given a modern touch to it. And, the artist’s attention to minute details on the track Something About You is well supported by heartfelt sound design and the performance of Lily Williams. The soundscape makes it a go-to option for the audience to escape within the volume of speakers. It has gained huge fame on Spotify and it is also played on USTop20 and AirplayBuzz.


Starboy Of Domes has 12 years long experience in music-making and he has used this experience for the good of music. This worldwide music producer is now the cynosure of the music industry. The tracks have already taken the leading spots on music charts. Follow him on Facebook and visit his official website to know. more.


His musical collection has offered the audience every element of EDM; from bouncy beats to striking backdrop, and hard-hitting vocal deliveries. The tracks that have been successful in creating unimaginable buzz are the radio edit versions of Show Me Love’ and ‘Something About You’. These are magical listening experiences that have the power to change your perspective towards this genre.

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